Our mission is to resolve your Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Power Platform issues. We don't sell product licenses or packages of (questionable) consulting hours.
We offer real solutions to your problems.


On Demand.

and Affordable, too.

Eliminate the need of hiring a Dynamics 365 expert in house or intermediaries that charge you 3x to 5x for the same.

You will have access to independent contractors, proven field experts based on your needs, on demand.

Why Dynamics 365 SOS was born?

I got fed up seeing poor, inappropriate, or untidy Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Power Platform implementations. I experienced how daunting it was trying to provide the right solution for customers while the partner just wanted to hide their faults and sell more consulting hours, more licenses, or both. Not to mention some Microsoft people pushing the wrong product just to meet their quotas.

That's why I created Dynamics 365 SOS. An unbiased service you as a customer can fully trust to solve your project burning issues, get reliable advice, and receive coaching to perform some do-it-yourself work.

I resolve as much as I can because I love to do it, and for the stuff I'm not the best match for or don't have enough availability, I count on the extraordinary help of some close friends who are highly skillful and share the same values.

Pablo Peralta. Founder.

Pablo Peralta. 


Microsoft Most Valuable Professional  2010-2021

Microsoft Certified Power Platform / Dynamics 365 CE Specialist

Check my Linkedin profile here.


This is how it works...


Tell us what you need

Post your issue(s), request(s) or question(s). Give us a little context. DO NOT SHARE ANY URLs OR CREDENTIALS at this stage. Just briefly describe your problem to us.

If you're ready, you can click here to submit your ticket with us. Risk-free, no credit card required.

You'll receive a ticket # and will hear back from us within the next 48 hrs, unless you already have a different agreement with us.

Your ticket is assigned and first-level evaluation starts

At this point, your ticket will be in the right hands.

You will receive an initial quote for you to approve and start working on. Oftentimes, we'll suggest a screen-sharing session with you to gather more details, especially if it's the first time we're serving you.

If all you need is a coaching session to address some of your questions, then, you'll receive a quote only for that.

You approve work

Once you approve our quote, we can start doing what we love and do best, solving problems with the above technologies.

The quote you received contains the suggested next steps, budget, and clear acceptance criteria of our work, so don't worry.

We deliver

According to our promise. Your problem may be solved after this step, or in case it is not for whatever reason, we'll make our best to provide you with a plan to sort it out.

We'll need temporary access to your systems. Typically we work directly on non-production environments and provide you with detailed steps to push the changes to prod.

Unless you have a support contract with us, we recommend you disable our access or change passwords once we finished our work.

Payment & Ticket Close

The final step is receiving your payment for our services and closing your ticket.

We accept Paypal, Credit cards (through Paypal), and Wire transfers.

You receive a formal business invoice in all cases. We're set up as a legal company since 2012.

We'll ask you to rate our service when closing your ticket. You're fully covered by our 14-day warranty policy. If you find any issues with the solution we provided, we'll fix them at no additional cost or you get your money back.

Unless you have a different agreement with us, you will need to wait until your payment is received to open a new ticket.

These are the products we love to work with...

Both Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform are very wide products and are in constant evolution.

Other solutions may be part of your project too, like for instance, Microsoft Azure Logic Apps, Azure Functions, or complements like KingswaySoft, ClickDimensions, etc. We usually help with that, too.

So, don't worry. Post your issue or question regarding what you need. Chances are we can be of help, and in case we are not the best match for you, we will let you know.